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1:8 EP Crawler CR1.8 "Yucatan" LIME-GREEN RTR
€ 629,90
  • Programmable 80A Hobbywing speed controller
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Locking front & rear differentials (independently) 
  • Lightning front/rear
  • Portal axes
  • 20kg Steering servo with metal gears
  • 2-3S* LiPo suitable (Note the dimmension of the battery box)
  • +30km/h (in 3S mode)
€ 629,90
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The Yucatan is a high-end "Ready-to-Run" crawler in scale 1:8 which is based on the successful ABSIMA CR3.4 chassis. All the features that made its smaller brothers in 1/10th scale (Sherpa, Khamba) so successful have been adopted. Due to the 1:8 chassis, even more extreme maneuvers are possible and due to the size of the body, details could be emphasized even better, which give the vehicle a beautiful driving image.

In addition, there is an 80A speed controller from Hobbywing which is fully programmable (optional program box 2110060). In combination with the larger and more powerful 775 motor, the vehicle reaches a top speed of over 30km/h in 3S LiPo operation. Thus, not only the obstacle, but also the way there is the goal. 

Portal axles not only offer a greater distance from the differential housing to the ground than conventional axles, they also have another positive feature. In conventional crawlers, torque applies so much force that the vehicle jumps over the obstacle. The design of portal axles reduces the gear ratio at the wheels and virtually eliminates torque shocks from the drive. The overall reduction ratio of the axle drive is more than double that of non-portal designs to ensure smooth running.

The YUCATAN Crawler has a 2-speed manual transmission that lets you overcome difficult terrain and also get to the next obstacle quickly. Simply press a button on the remote control and switch from the standard 1/37.1 (low-speed) to 1/15.1 (high-speed) gear ratio.

Lock and unlock the front and rear differentials independently for maximum performance on the track - all controlled remotely with your radio and 2 built-in mini servos. 
Leave the differential unlocked for smooth handling at high-speed. On technically challenging trails, you can lock the front differential, the rear differential, or even both to handle extreme terrain.

The drive concept - powered by HOBBYWING - includes an 80A (440A peak) waterproof speed controller and a 775 motor
With an optionally available program box15 different parameters can be set:n:
Run. Mode / Bat. Typ / Initial Start Force / Max. Forward / Max. Reverse / Max Brake / Drag Brake / Drag Brake Rate / Neutral Range / Punch / PWM Frequency / BEC V / Freewheeling

The battery box has the dimension of approx. (L/W/H) 160x48x25mm and is thus designed for 2S or flat 3S LiPo batteries which also corresponds to our recommendation.

In 3S LiPo battery operation +30km/h can be reached! Thus, this crawler is probably the fastest off-road vehicle of its kind.
ATTENTION: The speed controller is also "4S LiPo" capable which we absolutely do not recommend! The vehicle (gearbox, axles...) is exposed to extreme force transmission in 4S operation. Also the handling of the crawler deteriorates with increasing speed which can lead to accidents and costly damage (no warranty claim). 

Front headlights with "evil eyes"
Rear lights
Turn signals (for steering movements)
Marker lights
Hazard warning lights (front and rear)
Brake light
Light bar on the roof
The light unit is built into the 6-channel receiver of the vehicle. You want to use another 6-channel remote control without losing the lighting functions? No problem! You will find a description of how to proceed in the manual. 

Length: 635mm
Width: 290mm
Height: 300mm
Ground clearance: 95mm
Wheel base: 370mm
Gewicht: 4200g
Approach angle: 65°
Departure angle: 48°
Steering angle: 43°
Wheels: 2.2" Beadlock-Wheels with 12mm Hex-Hub  
Tires: 50x132mm including foam inlay
Shock absorber length: 100mm
Viscosity shock absorber oil: 500cps
Transmission ratio: 2-speed (Hi 1/15.1 / Lo 1/37.1), remote controlled 
Gears: Modul 0.8/32dp - Pinion 16Z / Main gear 44T
Drive system: 4WD 
Speed controller (ESC): Hobbywing 80A brushed/waterproof with T-plug, programmable, BEC 6V@4A, 2S-3S* LiPo suitable
Motor: 775 "high-torque" brushed motor
Steering Servo: 20kg metal gear, digital & waterproof  
Mini Servos: 0,9kg, waterproof
Radio System: 6-channel 2.4GHz radio (4.8 - 12.0V LiPo-suitable) 
6-channel 2.4GHz radio systemm
Sticker sheet
Stabilizer Set front/rear
Cross wrench and allen keys 
Manual (DE/EN/FR)



€ 39,90
€ 23,94
FWD 190

€ 189,90
€ 165,00
Touring 1/10

€ 659,00
€ 599,10
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