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1:10 EP Crawler CR3.4 "SHERPA" ORANGE RTR
€ 499,99
The CR3.4 SHERPA Scale Crawler is a high-end car loaded with technical features which are unusual for a “ready-to-run” vehicle. The Absima Sherpa is a highly competitive professional car that includes many insane performance features.
A realistic designed 5mm CNC machined aluminum frame with a heavy duty aluminum 4-link suspension system

€ 499,99
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UPDATE: September 2021!
Our new oil-filled shocks with 3mm piston rods and outboard springs provide an even better and more realistic response. Tuning springs are also available in soft and hard (sold separately). 
Portal axles not only offer a greater distance from the differential housing to the ground than conventional axles, they also have another positive feature. With conventional crawlers, the torque applies so much force that the vehicle jumps over the obstacle. The design of the portal axles reduces the gear ratio at the wheels and virtually eliminates the torque surges of the drive. The overall reduction ratio of the axle drive is more than twice that of non-portal designs to insure a smooth run.
A unique hydraulic steering shock absorber design combined with a 9kg digital and waterproof steering servo...

...hardened steel drive shafts and a steering angle of 45.8° offer the best possibilities to handle any terrain.

The CR3.4 SHERPA features a 2-speed transmission to conquer tough terrain and bring you also fast to the next obstacle. Just push a button on the radio and change from transmission ratio 1/37.1 (low speed) to 1/15.1 (high speed)
Lock and unlock the front and rear differential independently to get the maximum performance on the track - all controlled remotly from your tranmitter and 2x 0,9kg mini servos. Leave the differential unlocked for a smooth hadling at high speed. On tecnical trails you can lock the front differential, the rear differential or even both to handle extreme terrain.
Aluminum motor mount and an adjustable slipper clutch provide a additional protection in extreme conditions.

Hardened steel differential gears and drive parts
The drive concept - powered by HOBBYWING contains a 60A waterproof brushed speed controller and a 550 motor. Set the jumper to setup your battery type (NiMH / LiPo) and drive mode ( forward / reverse / brake)

9kg digital steering servo and 3x 17g mini servos for gear transmission and differential lock/unlock - all servos are waterproof

The 2.4 GHz 6-channel radio system gives you total control over your vehicle - wether lighting system, 2-speed gear, diff. locks or top speed adjustment

Evil eye hadlights
Rear lights
Turn lights (while steering)
Search lights
Marker lights
Hazard warning lights (front & rear)
Brake lights
Roof lightbar
All these functions are combined in the 6-channel receiver. You want to use another 6-channel radio without loosing the lighting function? No problem! 
A description how to do you will find in the manual
Stylish 1.9" beadlock wheels with aluminum rings and 10 bolt design
Super soft tires with a realistic sidewall flex for maximum traction on the rocks
Wheel size: 43x120 mm

Rock sliders and molded inner fender help to protect the chassis from dirt and damage
Flip-Top body with magnetic lock and easy to open battery case
1.2mm PC bodyshell with many attachments like
Towing shackles front/rear
Rear view mirrors
2 Fuel tanks
High lift jack
Roof rack with ladder
Tank filler neck
Door handles
Engine hood mount
License plates


FWD 190

€ 189,90
€ 165,00
Touring 1/10

€ 659,00
€ 599,10
Touring 1/10

€ 699,99
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