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Additivo X-GRIP B-Revolution

Codice: X-GRIP-B

Marca: X-GRIP

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Additivo X-GRIP B-Revolution

Additivo X-GRIP B-Revolution

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Coming from X-Grip is their new B-Revolution tyre traction compound for rubber and foam tyres. Extensively tested and tweaked by X-Grip’s team drivers, the tyre sauce is of a universal formula that allows to cover pretty much every traction condition, ranging from low to high-bite, with the soak-in time allowing to adjust the overall traction available from a tyre. For the use on high-grip tracks a ten minutes application time is recommended while more traction can be produced for lower grip tracks, such as outdoor asphalt, when applying the compound 20 minutes before a run and using tyre warmers to work the compound into the tyre surface. For foam tyres an application time of about 15 minutes is recommended. The traction compound comes in handy foam applicator plastic bottles and it is available from now on.

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Marca X-GRIP
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