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Set Chiavi Elettrico E Porta Attrezzi Hudy

Codice: H-190001

Marca: HUDY

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Disponibilità: Disponibile

Prezzo di listino: € 155,00

Prezzo speciale: € 132,00

Set Chiavi Elettrico E Porta Attrezzi Hudy

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Complete HUDY Ultimate Professional R/C Tool Set features all necessary hand tools for electric touring cars, along with a premium-quality exclusive tool bag with a super-modern look with cool, stylish and full-color graphics around the bag. High-quality European materials and craftsmanship are in abundance. Ideal size for carrying your RC tools and accessories; holds up to 30 tools.


Super-strong stretchy Xylan holds the tools and will keep its stretchability for a long time. The inside walls feature a strong plastic sheet sewn for reinforcement, ensuring that even when the bag is fully loaded with tools it will not twist or bend. A heavy-duty lockable zipper is included, as well as a strong yet super-soft spongy handle for comfortable handling.

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Marca HUDY
Cod. ERP No
Prezzo Speciale € 132,00

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